About Us

CEO’s Message

Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. We at Indus Barites & Chemicals are keen and continue to pass all the pebbles in our path and sure enough, we find ourselves crossing the mountain.”

IBCDMCC mission and philosophy is to continually address the ever changing globalization challenges and to develop strategic models to suit and meet client needs and their ever growing expectations; through exceptional technical expertise, reliability, integrity and competitiveness.

IBCDMCC is a place where Reliability, Responsibility and Meticulous is defined. We pride ourselves on this ongoing pursuit of excellence and determination to develop sustainable and productive solutions for Chemicals and Minerals with potential for high achievement. We shall not spare any effort to travel further together with our clients to reach greater heights.

Dynamic solution systems are vital for the energy business. Minerals & Chemicals for the Oil & Gas sector has traditionally been facing business challenges of maintaining quality performance-both product wise and packaging wise, timely deliveries and protecting environment. Control on Manufacturing processes and Logistics are to be meticulously handled to accomplish excellence-we at IBCDMCC are proud to be successful in our constant endeavors towards this end and to surpass the ever increasing demand with clients while simultaneously complying all necessary local/international regulations within limited time in a professional manner.

We operate in a competitive & technically challenging environment and our success is determined by our employees, who pool their individual strengths through teamwork to accomplish our mission. Our success is directly linked to our Client base, by offering solutions and services often unique to their requirement’s and processes, with the ability to respond to these demands quickly and efficiently.

Minerals continue to be a growth industry and IBCDMCC has already established a strong presence. Our strategy is to focus on tomorrow through performance today towards client satisfaction & growth, with a more flexible business model, increased expertise, and better modern tools; that is the very reason we are Growing to Serve and Serving to Grow !

Core Values